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Editor's Picks

  • adaptive bendingAdaptive bending system handles large profiles
    LVD Strippit has introduced Synchro-Form adaptive bending technology, an integrated feature of the Synchro-Form series press brake. The technology automatically maintains angular consistency and the required geometric profile when handling, positioning, and bending large parts with multiple bends. The system
  • LasercoilAutomated CAM program added to coil-fed laser blanking systems
    LaserCoil Technologies LLC has announced the addition of LaserCoil CAM to its coil-fed laser blanking systems, automating the importing of part profiles for optimized nesting and laser cutting. The program accommodates single and multiple cutting heads, as well as peripheral
  • ColdwaterRoll-up and laser weld module fabricates round sheet metal wrappers
    Coldwater Machine Co. has announced the availability of its roll-up and laser welding module for fabricating clothes washer and dryer drums and baskets and other round sheet metal wrappers. The system can be modified to suit customer requirements. The modular
  • static eliminatorStatic eliminator preps parts for painting, packaging
    Exair’s new Ion Air Jet™ removes static electricity, contaminants, and dust from parts before shrink-wrapping, packaging, printing, painting, or finishing. It has attained the CE and UL marks and is RoHS-compliant. New design features include a metal-armored, high-voltage cable to