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Editor's Picks

  • Welding information management system monitors welds in real time
    Miller Electric has introduced Insight Centerpoint™ welding information management system, which communicates in real time with an automated welding cell’s power supply and robotic welding arm via Ethernet. The software also can be applied to power supplies from other manufacturers
  • CAD/CAM nesting software upgraded
    Hypertherm has announced ProNest® 2017 CAD/CAM nesting software for automated cutting. Manual nesting improvements have been added, including drag array, anchor part to cursor, and automatic bumping functionality. The software fills parts with different colors based on a designated attribute
  • caliper setCaliper set simplifies critical quality control measurements
    TigerStop has introduced TigerSPC, a configurable caliper set designed to help simplify critical quality control measurements for parts up to 16 ft. long. Accurate to +/- 0.006 in., it has snap-on jaws to accommodate end-to-end, miter-to-miter, hole-to-hole, hole-to-center, and hole-to-end
  • Multiproduct roll forming line is hands-free
    Samco Machinery has introduced a hands-free, multiproduct roll forming line for users performing JIT production of multiple profiles. The machine can perform at variable speeds up to 60 FPM, depending on the punching pattern and part lengths. The process is