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  • joiningPunching and joining combined in one tool
    Multicyl is known for its bench top press solutions using its cylinders with modular tooling like the Unipunch system. The company has recently developed a new tool, expanding its capabilities. They have combined the MultiLoc metal joining technology using the
  • tube benderAll-electric tube bender provides right and left hand bending in an automatic cycle
    E-TURN, the all-electric tube bender from BLM GROUP USA, can bend a variety of tube configurations including round, square, rectangular, flat-sided, oval and elliptical. Tube can be automatically loaded, bent and unloaded all in one machine. The series consists of
  • sanding discSanding disc’s new grain blend increases material removal
    Walter Surface Technologies has introduced the redesigned Topcut™ sanding disc, featuring a new formulation of blue zirconium grain blend to remove material 50 percent faster than the previous model. The new grain blend is designed for finishing applications on steel
  • panel benderPanel bender offers single-sequence loading/unloading
    Prima Power has introduced the BCe Smart 2220 panel bending machine. Its large working table allows loading and unloading in a single sequence, and the machine does not require skilled operators. With the machine’s barcode reader and ATC system, setup