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Editor's Picks

  • Linear finishing set suitable for rough stock removal, cosmetic finishing
    Pferd Inc. has introduced a new linear finishing set for applications including rough stock removal, surface conditioning, and cosmetic finishing on all metals. The set includes a 5-in.-dia. POLINOX® nonwoven PNZ finishing drum, featuring interleaved layers of nonwoven material and
  • Single-phase SMAW systems offered
    Fronius has developed the TransPocket 150 and the TransPocket 180 single-phase SMAW systems. A digital resonance inverter helps ensure perfect weld properties in a variety of applications. Power factor correction technology helps make the compact systems energy efficient. The new
  • aluminum GMAWAluminum GMAW guide updated
    Lincoln Electric has released an updated guide for aluminum GMAW. The manual features a new, reader-friendly layout with updated information and photos of products and processes. The guide offers a detailed look at filler metal types, filler metal selection considerations
  • flux-cored wireFlux-cored wire offers high deposition rates, travel speeds
    Hobart has announced the availability of its new FabCO® 85HXP gas-shielded, flux-cored wire