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Mate launches new website

Mate has launched a comprehensive new website that exhibits Mate’s global market presence and its full line of tooling and accessories for all CNC punch brands and models. Its features include: (1) a Machine Selector that provides a “drill down” approach to selecting the proper tooling style, (2) a Solutions Gallery to direct users to special application tooling and special shape tooling, (3) Technical Resources, and more.

March 26, 2012 by Rob Colman

Mate’s site provides a Fabrication Solutions section that includes numerous ideas for special applications and special shapes, downloadable Solutions Bulletins that showcase how to break the barriers for more effective sheet metal fabrication, and a customer gallery where fabricators can see actual customer solutions made possible by Mate.  

A comprehensive Technical Resources section capitalizes on Mate’s 50 years of experience to provide numerous tips and techniques for better tooling and forming performance. This section includes recommended procedures for setting die clearance, ways to achieve consistent form height, suggestions for improving hole quality, and a lot more.

Mate’s new website also provides the tooling user with everything needed to evaluate and complete a product selection solution. These include applicable videos, good, better, best product differentiation, complete downloadable product brochures, and solutions bulletins.

Mate is a manufacturer of punch press tooling and accessories with a 50-year history.

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